Apply to be a partner how do you earn

Benefits for Entrepreneur Partners

Partners such as massage parlors - spa salons Build a team, get 10% more share, total 80%

free online marketing

You can get free online marketing. in the application, website, Facebook and Instagram and including other promotional channels from us such as writing a blog.

Reduce out of service

We have a reservation system that allows customers to choose the date and time of service conveniently. And there is a prepayment to make the reservation. In order to reduce the customer's absence from the service once the reservation has been made.

24Massageonline Partner Application

There is an application for stores that have partnered with 24Massageonline To make managing the reservation system of the restaurant easier and more convenient

fill in business gaps

During the off-peak period of your business, we can Help you fill in those gaps by having a promotion so your business can sell better.

increase store sales

We can help you increase your store's sales. by organizing promotions through various media and participate in monthly campaigns to help increase sales

Customers come back to use the shop more often.

Customers who are satisfied with your service will use again. And tell friends to use the service more! And it's also a word of mouth that helps increase online sales more.


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