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Massage at home is becoming very popular these days. because there is no need to leave the house to encounter traffic jams and hot weather Plus, when you arrive at the store, you may have to wait in line for a long time, or you may not be able to queue up until you feel disappointed. Therefore, home massage services have become an attractive alternative for those who do not like to leave the house immediately. And when it comes to at-home massages, you have to think about it. 24Massageonline The leader in spa and massage services to relieve office syndrome, a delivery style that dares to guarantee the best in Bangkok. There are spa massages, Thai massages, mixed massages and massages suitable for pregnant mothers.

In addition, 24Massageonline It's not just a massage service at home. It also offers off-site massages for corporate and events. in Bangkok and surrounding areas that comes with a quality team and has experience in massage especially the prominence of 24Massageonline that is superior to general massage parlors is

1. There are a variety of massage services.

off-site massage 24Massageonline There will be a variety of services to choose from such as Thai massage, relaxation spa massage, oil massage, down treatment, therapeutic massage, dive tissue massage, Swedish massage, Sport massage, massage for pregnant mothers and services after giving birth (POST-PARTUM CARE), including massage to treat various injuries by a doctor who has a medical license as well

2. Always recruit personnel

When we dare to provide health services, we must always select the people to work with. All of our team are skilled massage therapists with experience and expertise in a specific area with the number of participants. Independent work with more than 20 people, so it can support serving customers throughout Bangkok and its vicinity perfectly. Service providers must be selected from the 24Massageonline with skill testing Along with examining important professional documents and background checks Before accepting the event Customers can be assured that if called 24Massageonline Go for a massage or a spa treatment at home. You will receive the most satisfactory and safe service.

3. The massage method is correct and standard.

Massage Therapy and Spa selected by 24Massageonline It is registered with the Department of Health Service Support. Ministry of Public Health properly Section of Thai massage, Western spa massage and a combination massage As for alternative medicine, there is a license for healing arts according to the branch that provides treatment. Therefore, customers do not have to worry that calling our services will not be safe because 24Massageonline Everything is done right and it has been certified as well.

4. The equipment is complete.

Whether you're doing treatments, spa massages or after giving birth. when calling for an onsite massage service with 24Massageonline You don't need to prepare any equipment at all because we provide all the equipment to serve you the way you want. to provide you with the perfect service as if you come to massage at the shop

On-site massage service from 24Massageonline will help make you convenient Don't waste time traveling When you need a massage or a spa treatment, just think of us and contact us to book an appointment. This way, you will receive the service you choose in a timely manner. or if it is an organization and events who want to serve customers with those attending the event can choose an off-site massage from 24Massageonline to create relaxation for those who attended the event as well


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